Capt. Lawrence F. Baum,  USCG Master, 100 tons: motor and aux sail; salvage and


2003 Ford crew cab F-350 with 6.0 diesel.  Slide show of cab removal and upper end rebuildSLIDE SHOW 

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We typically sail at Camano Island State Park in beautiful northern Puget Sound/Salish Sea,  just north of Seattle, about halfway between Canada and Seattle.   Close to the San Juan Islands and Canada and surrounded by destinations that are an explorer's and cruiser's delight.

Sailboating?  Start here if you are interested in sailing lessons in  small sailboats   This link takes you to lessons and rentals ("open sailing").   Already a sailor or perhaps have sailed in the past and want to get back into the sport?  We have a program for you as well ("Challenge" classes). 

MOTORBOATING  This link takes you to crabbing, sightseeing, fishing  from a motorboat.   We also have a versatile workboat for those jobs on your waterfront locations.  SHE OUGHTER, with its open configuration and drop-bow is an ideal vessel for conducting ocean research.

Scuba?   We are PADI certified open-water dry-suit certified.  This link takes you to our scuba transportation service

Kayaking? This link takes you to our kayak transport service
NEW  NEW  NEW    EL TORO SAILING AND BOAT BUILDING.  The 8-feet long El Toro sailing pram is perhaps the most numerous boat in this class in the US with over 10,000 built.  The perfect little boat for youth learn-to-sail programs and a blast for adults as well.  We are in the process of putting together complete kits, complete boats and classes in how to build them.  We are looking for a person who might be interested in forming a Camano Island El Toro sailing group.  Could be a parent or grandparent with kids/grandkids who like to sail.  Camano Sail and Power would sponsor the group and provide support and guidance.  Please contact us if interested.  425-314-9824 or Camano Sail and Power.   For more info and some pictures click here.

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