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Challenge Sessions:  Small Sailboats

If you already know how to sail a small (dinghy) sailboat and would like to qualify for an Open Sailing Skipper Card and obtain your USSAILING Small Boat Skipper Certification, this is where you want to be.  You will need to be suitably attired for cold water small boat sailing, and prepared to get wet, which around here means a wet (or dry) suit and insulated booties. You will do a "float" test in the nearshore waters of Saratoga Passage. You will demonstrate you ability to rig and launch the particular boat in which you would like to be certified, sail on all points of sailing including the safety position, capsize and recover and continue to sail the boat, sail back, recover and store the boat and pass a take-home exam on the basics of small boat sailing. The boats currently being used are the Olympic-class Laser, the Laser>> ("Laser 2"), and the Walker 8.

The challenge sessions take about 4 hours and can be scheduled at almost any time that the instructor does not have a conflict with another course or charter.  The cost is $75.    

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