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Neither does the sea negotiate with you, nor does it care about you.  It is up to you to figure out what the sea is going to do, and be prepared to accommodate those conditions.  Mother nature has the last vote, the longest memory, and never ever apologizes.





     Our goal in the LTS dinghy sailboat course at Camano Sail and Power is, in 18 hours of instruction, to qualify a person to be a competent and safe  "small boat skipper", able to sail in mild to moderate conditions in the waters immediately adjacent to Camano Island State Park.  We qualify a person to be a skipper by teaching a non-sailor how to rig and de-rig, launch and recover the boat,  sail out away from shore and return in the prevailing wind strength and direction and sea state, and to be able to safely and confidently handle the occasional capsize by being able to right the boat, bail out the water, and continue sailing, in winds generally not exceeding 10  knots steady, with occasional slightly higher gusts.   Our goal includes educating the new sailor about the environment:  how to predict conditions and how to stay safe and warm while sailing, and how to keep your crew safe as well.
     Successful completion of this course earns the sailor a United States Sailing Association "skipper" designation, a US SAILING small boat course completion card, and a one-year complimentary US SAILING membership.  With these, the skipper can rent our sailboats that they are qualified to sail during our Open Sailing periods, and to bring a non-sailing guest  (see Open Sailing for details).

The cost for the complete 18 hour Learn to Sail Small Boats course is $350.  This  fee includes the US SAILING textbook "Learn to Sail", and the use of Camano Sail's boats. (but not dry or wet suit rental:  we have a limited size selection of these for rent for $25 for the course)
     1)  Adult family members/partners and friends: 
First person pays $350.  Additional family/partner or friends pay $200.
      2)  Group:  
Our minimum small boat class is two people, max of  6.  If you have three, four or five relatives/friends that you would like to learn to sail with, the cost is
$350 for you and $200 for the next friend or relative of yours and $150 for additional  friends or relations to a total of six in the class.
       3)   Mom or Dad  (or 2 adult family partners) plus Son or Daughter:  For sons or daughters 12 years of age or younger, there is the special Mom or Dad + son or daughter classes.  For these, the cost for one adult and one child is   $350 for the parent and $150 for the child.  They sail together in the same sailboat.  Note especially that for these adult/child arrangements, only the adult receives the US SAILING  small boat certificate of graduation and our site-specific open sailing card.  That is, the adult is going to be the designated Small Boat Skipper and therefore eligible to rent our small sailboats during open sailing sessions during the Summer.  As the designated Skipper, that person can rent a boat during open sailing and bring along as a passenger anyone they wish as long as that person had a wet suit and had done a float test.
          4)   Mom and Dad (or 2 adult family partners) plus underage (<12 years) Son or Daughter:    PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CANNOT mix parental attendance in any one course.  That would create terrible scheduling conflicts for the instructor who is trying to keep straight who was here when and what did they learn??  That means that the parents have to agree on the days/hours that they will be there.   The son or daughter do not  need to show up if something comes up.
        So, for the situations where we have two parents (same family) who want to be certified with their underage child, the parents both will need to take the entire 18 hour course.  This family special is  $350 (first family adult) + $200 (second family adult) plus $150 (underage child) = $700.   And, your son* or daughter* gets to sail for the entire 18 hours in the bargain.  And, with this arrangement, if a family has more than one young child, they can alternate or mix their participation since it is really the adult who is being rigorously trained and certified.
   ( *With this arrangement, we do not care if you want to alternate children in your boat during the course.  There is just one underage child fee in this arrangement.  But, each child needs to do the float test in a wet suit.)

           5)    Sons/Daughters who crewed with Mom or Dad and are now old enough to sail on their own.      We all hope,  of course, that our children will grow up loving sailing and the water and will want to go on.  For the kids that start out with Mom and/or Dad in one of family arrangements, we offer a 20% discount to take the small boat course all on their own once they are strong enough and mature enough to handle a small boat on their own.
         6)     Already a small boat sailor?   If you are already a small boat sailor, our "Challenge" class is the way to go.  Show up, have a wet suit, do the float test, take the written test, rig a small boat and show us your moves around the buoys, including a full turtle capsize and recovery and, if you pass, receive the US SAILING small boat skipper certificate and our site specific open sailing card which allows you to come down to our open sailing and rent our small boats and bring a friend with you (they need not be sailors but they do need a wet suit and a current float test).  $150 and a few hours on one day.  What could be simpler?
          7)    But I really lust to be a swashbucking big boat skipper and sail the seven seas.   As is described in detail on the small boat philosophy page,  we have found that the best big boat skippers are the ones who learned in a small sailboat first.  Once you have completed our small boat course, you can go on to learn keelboat sailing at another US SAILING school that has a kb program.  Windworks in Seattle is one of the best.  Tell Greg and Samantha that Lawrence sent you.
         8)   Private lessons.  For sailors with busy schedules or who do better in a one-on-one class situation, private, individual sailing lessons with the instructor are available for $50/hour for one student, $45/hour each for two, $40 each for three and $35/hour/each for the max per private class of four.  To arrange days and times that are convenient for you, please contact Head Instructor, Capt. Lawrence Baum by e-mail or at 425-314-9824.

More details
Every client who is considering signing up for the LTS small boat course must realize that, by its very nature, dinghy sailing can be a wet sport and the waters of  Saratoga Passage  at Camano Island State Park are colder than the official US Coast Guard definition of "cold water", which they consider to be  59 degrees.  A student in the LTS course can expect to capsize and end up in the water more than once during the course.  This is a normal part of dinghy sailing and we teach you how to  deal with it safely and confidently.  Thus, all small boat students must wear a wet or dry suit while on the water.  Camano Sail has a limited number of rentals at $25 for the entire class.

Camano Sail and Power guarantees their clients that, if for any reason, the client
is not able to complete or pass the course the first time, they may continue to attend classes at no additional cost,  providing that 1) they have attended all of the regularly scheduled classes; 2) they continue to attend classes within a 60 day extension period from the date of the final day  of their class; 3) there is space and a boat available in another class, and 4) that the sessions they attend must be on the learning and practising of the skills that they need to pass the course.  
     We do not guarantee that everyone will finally qualify at the end of the 60 day extension period and be certified as a US SAILING/Camano Sail and Power "Skipper."  From time to rare time, a client may find that sailing a small boat is just "not their cup of tea."  We understand this however, Camano Sail and Power is not in a position to refund the cost of the course should this occur.

The minimum requirements for enrolling in a LTS small boat course are:
     1)     Minimum age of approximately 12.  However, this age is arbitrary and  "approximate" due to the great variation in size, weight and upper body strength (yes, upper body strength:  small boat sailing is definitely an athletic endeavor and a physical workout) among children of this age.  A better approximate guide is a minimum weight of 100 pounds and being able to do five decent pushups.  These minimums are for the student's protection:  a lighter person often does not have the weight or strength needed to bring a dinghy to an upright position after a capsize.  *The minimum age does not apply to Father/Mother + Son/Daughter team classes.  If an adult is learning in the same boat as their son/daughter, the age can be lower.  This is a very individualistic determination and should be discussed with the Head Instructor, Capt. Lawrence Baum prior to the class.
     2)     Wear a  wet suit and wet-suit booties or a dry suit at all times while sailing. A dry suit is also perfectly acceptable but is typically more expensive to buy and maintain. A long-legged and long-arm suit is recommended due to the cold water in which we sail although warm-blooded individuals sometimes seem to be able to cope with "shorty" suits.  Our recommendation is that a shorty is OK for a class where you are close to shore and the instructor is nearby.  However, for general sailing in dinghys on the Salish Sea, you should be in a long arm and long leg suit. This is also the standard for sea kayaking in the Pacific NW.   We have a limited size selection of suits available for rent for $25 for the course.
      3)     Own and have on and securely fastened a well-fitting USCG-approved Type 3 or better PFD in  good repair (no tears or other signs of abuse).  We supply complimentary PFD's for the class if you do not own one.  INFLATABLE PFD'S ARE NOT USED IN DINGHY SAILING.  Main reason:  there is a good chance you will take a dunking or two during class.  The PFD inflates on the first dunking and then the rest of the day you sail around looking like a party balloon.  Moreover, to re-charge and clean the PFD after an inflation is $25-35
      4)    Wear a helmet if the instructor decides that the wind speed and sea state is such that a head injury from a rapidly swinging boom is a possibility.  We supply the helmets, or you can bring your own bike or other sport helmet.
      5)     Pass a float test at the Camano Country Club pool.  This test requires you to tread water for 10 minutes, swim the length of the pool twice, and then put on a pfd in the water under the closely controlled supervision of Camano Sail staff.
     6)     Have the following on file at the waterfront office of Camano Sail and Power:
               A)     Float test
               B)     A signed state-of-health/medical issues form;
               C)     A signed release-of-liability form (signed by parents in the case of  persons under the age of 21);
               D)     If the participant is 18 or under, statement of intention to abide by the rules of good sportsmanship and behavior

     "You have not won the race if, in winning, you have lost the respect of your
      fellow competitors."                                                                                                                       
Paul Elvstrom, 4-time small-boat Olympic Gold medallist.