Details of costs, group arrangements and sizes and discounts
        Please see the above link for complete details on pricing, groups, and discounts etc.
        The course includes land drills, knots, sailing terminology, on-the-water sailing drills, and discussion and practice of the skills contained in the US SAILING text
Learn Sailing Right.  The skipper candidate will be evaluated throughout the course on their ability to successfully perform the required skills.  A written test will be given at the end of the course for which an 80% grade is required to pass. Upon successful completion of the class, the sailor will receive a United States Sailing Association course completion card.  This card will be evidence that the sailor is a competent Skipper in the dinghy that they used and in the wind and sea states that existed during the course.   This card will enable the sailor/Skipper to rent the type of dinghy that they learned in during the scheduled Open Sailing sessions.  If the boat is capable of supporting two sailors, the Skipper may take another person with them during Open Sailing.  The other person need not be a sailor but, they will need to have a swim test on file and to have the same cold-water protection as the skipper.
    We are just now gearing up for the 2010 season.  In the early Spring, classes are small and we can be very flexible on scheduling and class size.  Please contact us at camanosail@ camano .net   or phone us at 425-314-9824.  This early in the season we can in all likelihood design a class around your schedule.  
      Want a course?  Know the dates you have available?  Give us a shout.  We can do it in all likelihood.  
      We prefer to have class sessions of no less than four hours nor longer than about 6 hours in length, but this is not cast in steel.  Classes require a total of 18 hours to graduate.


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