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   These numbers  are for clients on Camano Island.  They will be higher the further we have to travel to your site.  The STEPS refer to the steps shown on this page.
   STEP ONE.  Preliminary consultation to gather information from client on their planned uses of the mooring.                                no charge

   STEP TWO.        Determine your ownership or permissive use rights of the land adjoining the waterfront, tidelands and
                                seabed that you propose to use for a mooring.  This is can be as simple as asking you and
                                examining your homeowners documents.  We  often followup by examining  the appropriate county                  no charge
                                and state documents.
    STEP THREE   Preliminary surface assessment)                                                                                                                                     $200.

    STEP FOUR     Discussion of the preliminary assessment with you.                                                                                                   no charge

    STEP FIVE       We propose moving ahead, or not.                                                                                                                                no charge
    STEP SIX         Preliminary scuba evaluation of seabed habitat and conditions that will impact a mooring installation
                               (performed by our subcontractor, Island Botanical Services                                                                                        $200

    STEP SEVEN  Discussion with you of the results of STEP SIX with our recommendation to proceed or not.                                 no charge

    STEP EIGHT  Complete scuba and/or camera survey of the seabed habitat by Island Botanical Services                       $600 for (1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    mooring + $200 for                                                                                                                                                                                                                       each additional                                                                                                                                                                                                                               mooring nearby on                                                                                                                                                                                                                           the same lot.                                                   
followed by a consultation with you and decision by you whether to proceed or stop all work (STEP 9).                                               
                             It is at the end of STEP 8, after all the survey results are in, that we can advise you as to the feasibility of a temporary                                                  anchorage.  If there is space between any existing eelgrass or kelp beds, we can make a temporary mooring anchor available to                              you for the boating season, until
we receive all of the permits for your permanent mooring.
                            We would install the temporary anchor and mooring ball for you, and  remove it within the window allowed by Fish and Wildlife, July
                            15 until Nov 16.   The temporary anchorage is a $150 per put in/take out charge plus $50/mo anchor lease.  The temporary
                           anchor must come out prior to Nov 16 of each year, and, if necessary, go back in after the following July 15.

    STEP NINE     Final consultation with you to decide whether or not to proceed further.                 no further charges if no-go; 50% of remaining                                                                                                                                                                           balance of the total cost* if the process is a "go"

    STEP TEN     We complete the paperwork and applications and submit to the agencies involved                            no additional charges

    STEP ELEVEN  You receive a lease from Washington State Department of Natural Resources                no charge by us; possible lease
                                                                                                                                                                                       fee due to the DNR**

    STEP TWELVE   design, manufacture and installation of the mooring                                                       The balance of the installation* is due less
                                                                                                                                                                                  previous payments

    STEP THIRTEEN   Complimentary complete examination of the mooring after a year of service, replacement of worn parts    no charge

    STEP FOURTEEN    Discussion with you about a continuing mooring examination program.                                                       no charge

        *Total cost.      
The very simplest installation,  where the client is on Camano Island, no unusual situations are encountered like unexpected deep water, a very bad lee shore requiring an extra stout mooring, or difficult, time-consuming or potentially dangerous working conditions perhaps requiring the services of a third person for safety, etc.,  could be as low as $3000 for all permits and a complete installation of a single mooring.  An especially difficult project or one away from Camano will be more expensive.  We strive to keep the client informed as we go along as to how their particular installation is shaping up.  Additional moorings  done under the same permits on the same lot are  $1000 each.
    ** DNR lease fees.  The first mooring on an occupied and improved waterfront lot is generally a no-fee lease.  More than one mooring on the same lot or a  mooring on an unoccupied, unimproved waterfront lot may incur an annual DNR lease payment.  In our experience thus far (through 2011), these leases are less than $200 annually but with the current budget woes in Olympia, that could be subject to change.
VERY IMPORTANT CAVEAT:  If, after all of our best efforts the mooring application is rejected by any of the involved agencies, all of the monies received through STEP NINE will be retained by Camano Sail and Power and Island Botanical Service to cover our and our sub-contractor's costs of the survey(s) and application procedures.