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       We are presently in the process of getting setup to offer guided scuba tours using our 23-feet long drop bow motorboat

        Not shown in these pix are the dive ladder and double-railings mounted on the bow door making for easy exit from the water.
Current plans are to start with dives at the Onamac artificial reef on the west side of Camano Island.  This reef is in water depths averaging 50-60 feet.  It was created by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife many years ago.  Data on exactly when are hard to come by but people at F/W believe it was in the 80's or 90's.  It is a roughly rectangular area approx 1/4 mile on the side by about 1/2 mile long.  The reef is made of broken concrete blocks, slabs and chunks plus some interesting tubular concrete structures that may have been hollow columns supporting e.g an old bridge.  If you Google the reef, there are quite a few photos out there of the abundant sea life on the reef.
       Prices have not been set yet but they will be competitive with other tours in this area.
       Contact us at 425-314-9824 or e-mail
      1.  We only allow buddy diving for safety.  If you do not have a buddy, Camano Sail and Power may be able to provide a buddy for you to dive with at a small increase in our price to cover our diver. 
    We do not allow spear fishing on our trips.  Many of the species on our PNW reefs are very slow to reproduce and we want to be sure that they continue to be there for all divers to enjoy.